Voter Notify has been discontinued

Voter Notify is a system that informs voters of when the Board of Elections received their Vote-by-Mail ballot applications, when their ballots were mailed and when the Board received their voted ballots. This was done via text message and/or email to people who signed up for the program on the Board’s website.

The Board has discontinued the program due to additional security requirements that have been imposed by the State of Ohio. The company that operates Voter Notify is unable to comply at this time with new rules that protect the Board’s communications systems.

Voter Notify has been discontinued.

This will affect about 25,000 people who are on the Voter Notify contact list. “I want people to know that the information provided by Voter Notify is on the Board’s website,” said Anthony Perlatti, Director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. “People may securely check their Vote-by-Mail ballot application status, when their ballots were mailed, and confirm that the Board has received their voted ballot at They just need to click “Track My Ballot” and enter their name and birthdate.”

All voters are encouraged to become familiar with the wealth of information that is available on the Board’s website. This includes confirming their voting locations, registration status, viewing sample ballots, and applying for jobs that include assisting voters on election days.

People who have signed up for Voter Notify will receive letters and/or a phone call informing them that the program has been discontinued.

Author: Mike West, Community Outreach Manager

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