Happy Election Day! See What Happens Behind the Scenes

The Ohio Primary Election is finally here! It’s time to hit the polls and cast your ballot in what is sure to be a historical election. Click here to look up your voting location.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections staff has every last detail down to a T to ensure each election goes off without a hitch! While you’re waiting for results to come in on election night, our staff is hard at work delivering, processing and tabulating ballots, among (hundreds of) other duties. Check out this fun video to see what it takes to complete an election after the polls close, and visit our website tonight for live reporting as unofficial election results come in.

Join the Party: Vote in the Primary!

How do you feel about yesterday’s Super Tuesday election results? With so much at stake in our country this year, it is more important than ever to exercise your civic duty and right to vote.

Voters seem to be getting the message. Super Tuesday voter turnout exceeded expectations in many states, and according to the Columbus Dispatch nearly 70,000 Ohioans have already voted in the Primary Election. Now it’s your turn to make your vote count by participating in Ohio’s Primary Election on March 15.

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Benefits to Voting in the Primary
Aside from voting for your presidential candidate of choice, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for U.S. Senator and Congressional Representatives, Ohio House and Senate candidates, County Prosecutor and County Council candidates, Ohio Supreme Court and county judicial seats, and Republican Central Committee members. Additionally, you can vote on issues such as the County Health and Human Services tax renewal, and municipal, township and school levies. Click here to view the candidate list.

Also, voting in a partisan primary is the only way to keep or establish your party affiliation in Ohio. Unfortunately, most voters do not realize this and last year more than 150,000 Democrats and nearly 27,000 Republicans lost their party affiliation. You’ll need party affiliation if you wish to work an election as a poll worker.

How to Join the Party
You can vote in person on Election Day, by mail or early in person at the Board of Elections. You will be asked to choose your ballot (Republican, Democrat, Green or Issues-only). What are you waiting for? Join the party and vote!

Click here to find your voting location, request an absentee ballot, and view early voting hours.