Top Ten Reasons to Vote by Mail

The March 15 Primary Election will be here before you know it. Here are our top ten reasons to vote early by mail:

  1. Vote on your own schedule. So many of us are juggling work, taking care of our families, running errands, exercising, volunteering, etc. that voting in person can be a hassle. Vote at your leisure when it’s convenient for you. This especially holds true for those who will be traveling on March 15.
  2. It’s easy. Voting comes to you! How easy is that? After you request your vote-by-mail ballot, the Board of Elections will mail you the ballot and all you need to do is complete it and mail it back.
  3. You still get a sticker. Everyone’s favorite part of voting, right?

    Vote By Mail Stickers
    You still get a sticker when you vote by mail!
  4. Every vote counts. All votes are counted as soon as ballots arrive back at the Board of Elections. Now you can even get a text or email to confirm your vote has been counted through VoterNotify.
  5. There’s no place like home. Vote from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  6. Take your time. Never heard of that candidate running for judge or councilman? Say no more! When voting from home you’re just a quick Google search away from researching candidates to make educated decisions as you go.
  7. You can vote in your pajamas. But really.
  8. Avoid lines on Election Day. More people come out to the polls in presidential election years. Don’t let this happen to you (Election Day 2008):

    11-4-2008 General Election Cycle 102
    Election Day 2008 – Voters waited in line that spanned blocks.
  9. Safe and secure. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has solved the issue of counting ballots that arrive after Election Day without a postmark. No more worries! Read about it here: Ohio absentee ballot postmark fix proposed by Secretary of State Jon Husted
  10. Get it over with. Already know who you’re voting for? Then why wait? Go ahead and vote already!

Click here to download your vote-by-mail application.

To learn more about voting by mail, call 216-443-VOTE or visit:

Author: Cathy Bajic, Community Outreach Coordinator, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections


Help Wanted: Special Poll Workers Needed for Election Day

The last time I voted at my polling location I was greeted with a huge smile and a friendly face as my poll worker exclaimed, “I remember you from last year!” We love that so many workers return year after year. Perhaps by now, you too, may have come to recognize some of the people staffing your polling location, but what about those who help with the “behind-the-scenes” duties?

We hire thousands of poll workers to staff every election. Most of our workers are front and center assisting voters with ballots, scanners, questions, and let’s not forget about my favorite part of voting – the stickers! What you may not realize are the hundreds of people helping to transport ballots, supplies and equipment to and from polling locations, the leaders who troubleshoot any issues which may arise throughout the day, and those who ensure all rules and regulations are being followed. All of these duties are essential to conducting a successful election.

Special Poll Workers
As the March 15 Primary Election draws near, we are still looking to hire the following positions:

Drop-off Captains/Rovers
Travels to various polling locations to assess and assist with problems related to the voting process, safeguards sensitive documents and supplies, and delivers election-related materials to polling locations on Monday, among other duties. This interactive video helps to explain the duties. Earns $11/hour; hours vary on Election Day and the day before. Click for full job description.

Drop-off Assistants
Assists the Drop-off Captain in fulfilling duties, loads and unloads supplies from poll worker and ballot-transportation vehicles, and performs all other duties as assigned. Base rate $65.00; hours begin at 6:00 p.m. on Election Day until complete. Click for full job description.

Ride Alongs
Ride Alongs are essential to help maintain political balance on Election Day. They ride with law enforcement officials to and from drop-off locations and the Board of Elections warehouse to deliver ballots and other election materials on the evening of Election Day. Each vehicle is staffed with one Democrat and one Republican. They also help direct cars coming and going from the drop-off locations. Earns $10/hour and will earn a minimum of $40.00; hours vary by election. Click for full job description.

How to Apply
Contact Anthony Black, Special Recruit Hiring Coordinator directly to express interest in these jobs. Anthony can be reached at 216-443-3232 x 7303 or at

Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, said it himself – we all need to declare a day for democracy and do our part to help with Ohio elections. What better way to do your part while earning some extra spending money in the process? We hope to see you on Election Day!

Author: Cathy Bajic, Community Outreach Coordinator, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

Are you ready for the March Primary Election?

With such a diverse pool of candidates you may not know who you’ll be voting for come March 15! One thing is for certain; you don’t want to risk the chance of not being heard because you forgot to register or missed a deadline. Follow our checklist to make sure you are ready for the election!

  • Check your voter registration. Not sure if you’re registered in Cuyahoga County? Click here to find out and to view your polling location. If you recently moved or changed your name, you’ll need to reregister by February 16.Feb 16 Voter Registration Deadline
  • Mail your voter registration form. First-time voters can download a form here. All registration forms must be signed and mailed to the Board of Elections (BOE) by February 16.
  • Voting by mail? Request your ballot. If you’re traveling, want to skip long lines on Election Day, or simply enjoy the luxury of voting from the comfort of your own home, then voting by mail is for you! Remember to request your vote-by-mail application by early March. The BOE will mail you a ballot which must be returned by noon on March 12.
  • Check early voting hours. The BOE offers early voting for those wishing to cast their vote in person before Election Day.

Did you know?

  • Minors age 17 can vote in the primary if they will be 18 by the General Election (November 8, 2016). They can’t vote on any issues, but candidates are fair game! Minors follow the same registration process.
  • Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is urging lawmakers to pass legislation to allow online voter registration in Ohio. If it passes, Ohio will join 31 other states who currently offer online registration. Until then, anyone wishing to get registered or update their registration will need to mail their information to the Board of Elections.

Click here to download and print your voter registration form.

See you at the primary on March 15!

Author: Cathy Bajic, Community Outreach Coordinator, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections