Now hiring election officials to work election night

We hire thousands of election officials to staff every election. Most of our workers are front and center assisting voters at the polls, but many of them also work behind the scenes to ensure a successful election. Some of these duties include transporting ballots and supplies to polling locations, loading and unloading vehicles, safeguarding sensitive documents, and more.

Right now, we still need to fill openings for the following positions. These workers will begin at 6:00 p.m. on election night and assist with very important Election Day processes. To apply, submit an application on our website, or call 216-443-3277.

Ballot Drop-off Assistant
The Ballot Drop-off Assistant helps the Drop-Off Captain in fulfilling duties, loads and unloads supplies from PEOs and ballot-transportation vehicles, and performs all other duties as assigned. Base rate is $65.00 per election; hours begin at 6:00 p.m. on Election Day until complete. Click for full job description.

Ride-along Clerk
Ride-along Clerks are essential to help maintain political balance on Election Day. They ride with law enforcement officials to and from drop-off locations and the Board of Elections warehouse to deliver ballots and other election materials on the evening of Election Day. Each vehicle is staffed with one Democrat and one Republican. This position earns $15/hour with a four-hour minimum; hours vary by election.  Click for full job description.